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VineOnBrick is a building industry platform with escrow for small construction projects and accompanying project management tools. It is made for homeowners and professionals in the building industry – architects, designers, engineers, builders, real estate agents, vendors….It helps them take control of their projects.

VineOnBrick turns your project into a success. In every building project there are many, many moving parts. Bringing them together is vital for the project’s success. VineOnBrick is a collaborative platform bringing together homeowners and professionals in the building industry.

VineOnBrick puts you in control …..You might think that putting you in control takes control away from somebody else, but in the case of construction projects, there is control to be claimed on all sides. Take control using Escrow and Workflows.

VineOnBrick lowers your financial and legal risk …..the construction industry is ridden with risk. Risk makes everything more expensive and lowering it benefits all sides. Lower you financial risk using Escrow, and your legal risk using Workflows, FileDepot, PhotoDepot and Mediation.

VineOnBrick guards history for you, your project, your property …..history benefits everyone. In the time of fake news and bogus claims, facts guard our sanity. Extract facts when you need them from Workflows, FileDepot and PhotoDepot.

VineOnBrick is built for You – homeowner, professional, architect, designer, builder, sales representative…. Your profile exists on the platform even after the project is closed, and after you leave the company. Claim your free profile and start a project!

Our Mission


 Home building sounds like a simple task: we all know what a home is and what the parts are. There are no unknowns, people have been doing it for millennia. But behind the apparent simplicity, there are many, many moving parts that create complexity. The complexity behind an apparent simplicity stacks a deck against the Homeowner and the Builder. The Homeowner needs a house, the Builder knows how to build it, but there are banks, accountants, financials, daily failures, unpredictability, weather, suppliers, subcontractors, inspectors… at the end, it’s a journey that they need to take together.


Our mission is to help everybody go through the process more smoothly, with less friction between each other and things around them.