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Homeowners, Architects, Builders… We Deserve Better

Our industry, the building industry, is in technological stone age. In the age of information we build information in CAD, reduce it to the PDF, email to our colleagues to print it and look at it same way they would look … Read More

Three Pillars of Architectural Service

Not to be Confused with “What is Architecture” What do Architects do, and why one should pay them? In my 20 something years in AEC industry I had to answer this question to myself and then to the clients, their … Read More

Should I Spend a Dollar ?

…or Marginal Cost=Marginal Revenue Somewhere at the start of my MBA path, econ professor Sebastian Edwards walked into his first class and said: Marginal Cost=Marginal Revenue is the answer to all the questions in this life and if you answer … Read More

Is it Important?

…or, who is going to see the difference? Setting priorities is the key when time is limited. But how to decide what is the priority. When in doubt, appropriate question is : Is it Important? In a time of ever-shortening architectural … Read More

Chess, Strategy, Design….

…they all like to come from one mind There is a reason why chess is not a team sport. If you and I would play chess together against a seven year old, we would lose miserably. If we would try to … Read More

Why You Should Pay your Architect

and other design professionals Dear Client, It is going to be a pleasure to help you remodel your 400 room hotel with a 36 million budget. In case you are not aware, the decision on how to spend your budget … Read More