Monthly Archives: March 2017

Home Remodeling [2.0] — It all Starts with a Dream

…and dreaming is for free. At the very beginning of the project there is no need to limit your imagination. Leave the budget conversation for the next phase. This is your only chance to dream without limitations. It’s surprising how … Read More

Home Remodeling [3.0] — Budget Wisely

When thinking of budget there are actually few budgets that you need to plan. Let’s start from the beginning of the project: In early design phases you’ll count everything that you want done and arrive at a number. Let’s say … Read More

Home Remodeling [4.0] —Notes About the Budget

Prerequisite: Home Remodeling [3.0] — Budget Wisely If you look at the budget stages, you can notice that in each stage you can’t predict or see what is going to come in the next. No matter how detailed your initial budget is, you … Read More